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Monday, April 21, 2014


Support the STOP THE BOMB campaign in Germany against the Iranian nuclear program

STOP THE BOMB! Cut off trade with the Iranian regime!

The nuclear program of the Islamic Republic of Iran has to be stopped. Its danger is increasing by the day. Iran's nuclear program is a grave threat to Israel's very existance, in fact to the entire Middle East, to Europe and to the Iranian people who are being brutally oppressed. STOP THE BOMB demands both economic and political sanctions against the Iranian regime which is controlled with iron fists by the islamist-mullahs and the revolutionary guards.  Of equal importance to sanctions is the support of the democratic opposition in Iran and in exile. Please help us by joining our organization. Read more  

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The Hamburg Arak-Trial and the failure of German Authorities

The Arak-trial in Hamburg on proliferation for Iran's heavy water reactor Arak showed how easily technology made in Germany can be exported to Iran. These exports were organized under the eyes of the German regulatory authorities. MoP Klaus Barthel (SPD) spoke of a "failure of authorities". STOP THE BOMB calls for consequences. read more

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Deutsche Welle: German export loopholes help autocratic regimes

The revelation that German spyware helped the Ethiopian authorities to locate, arrest and torture opposition followers, raises broader questions about the loopholes in Berlin's export control procedures. With an interview of Michael Spaney (STOP THE BOMB) >>


Iranian Aid to Fighters in the Gulf Peninsula

The Washington Insitute is listing the proofs for Iranian terror involvement in Bahrain and other Gulf states. >>


Israel displays weapons seized in Red Sea raid as proof that Iran is an ‘exporter of terror’

Washington Post: Israel put on display here Monday a cache of long-range rockets and other artillery it seized last week from a shipment making its way up the Red Sea, allegedly destined for militant groups in the Gaza Strip. >>


Ask Iran about weapons to Gaza, Netanyahu tells Ashton

The Telegraph (London): Netanyahu has attacked a "goodwill" visit to Tehran by Baroness Ashton, the EU foreign policy chief, on Sunday by challenging her to quiz the Iranian government over an intercepted arms shipment allegedly bound for Gaza.  >>


Iran's Support for Terrorism Worldwide

Hearing vor dem US-Kongress von Matthew Levitt: By dramatically increasing its sponsorship of terrorism and cementing its partnership with Hezbollah in Syria, the Iranian regime is posing more of a threat to regional and international security than ever. >>


Iran threatens to trigger oil price war

Iran has threatened to trigger a price war in the global oil markets, warning Opec members that it will increase output even if crude prices tumble to $20 a barrel. The oil production cartel, which is meeting in Vienna today, is set to keep its production target unchanged. With Brent crude, the... >>


US now indicates Iran interim deal wasn’t quite finalized

Times of Israel. ‘Technical details’ have yet to be worked out, State Department says, meaning six-month countdown to permanent deal hasn’t started and Iran isn’t bound by any new terms. Iran is currently enjoying a “window” of time before the six-month deal signed in Geneva early Sunday goes into... >>


Nuclear deal isolated Israel, Rouhani indicates

Times of Israel. Without naming Jewish state, Iranian president says ‘occupier regime’ now a pariah, crows that sanctions have been broken. TEHRAN — Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Israel had become isolated after his country and world powers reached a historic deal on Tehran’s nuclear... >>


The Day The Music Died? The deal with Iran won't achieve peace, but the opposite.

By ILAN BERMAN. The deal hammered out over the weekend between the P5+1 powers and Iran in Geneva should have come as a surprise to no one. The White House's dogged pursuit of some sort of diplomatic breakthrough with Iran, whatever the political and international-security cost, meant that an... >>


EU to Maintain Sanctions on Most Iran Firms

Wall Street Journal. All but Two Won Challenges in September to the EU's Sanctions Regime. BRUSSELS--The European Union will maintain sanctions against all but two Iranian firms that won challenges to the bloc's sanctions regime in EU courts in September, an EU official said Tuesday. The EU will on... >>

New President Hassan Rouhani - the Friendly Face of Terror

For some observers, Iran's new president represents a sign of hope for change. But Hassan Rouhani is a confident of religious leader Khamenei. He deceived the West about the nature of Iran's nuclear program. The number of executions is high and Iran's revolutionary guards are fighting in Syria. read more


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Iran-Conference "Time to act"

Video-Documentation of the conference of the Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin, November 2009


Iran-Konference "Business as usual"

Documentation of the conference of the Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin, May 2008