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Thursday, September 18, 2014


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Wednesday 16. January 2013

Commentary: Germany Helps Companies Evade Iran Sanctions

Michael Spaney from Europe’s “Stop the Bomb” campaign has sent out a press release detailing the latest activity of the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce, which today is hosting a seminar in Hamburg to encourage German firms to...

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Monday 14. January 2013

Austrian Capital filled with Iranian spies

By BENJAMIN WEINTHAL, Jerusalem Post. The Austrian capital is a main European hub for Tehran’s spy network, the US-based Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress concluded in December in a comprehensive report on...

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Friday 11. January 2013

Made in Iran: Islamist anti-Semitism

By WAHIED WAHDAT-HAGH. It has been reported by Farsnews that an anti-Semitic cartoon festival on the Holocaust is being organised in response to Charlie Hebdo's latest move.

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Wednesday 09. January 2013

Teheran votes YES! on Hagel

by SABA FARZAN and SAEED GHASSEMINEJAD. Teheran believes that the US will accept Iran going nuclear and will even lift sanctions. Appointing Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense is an invitation to Iran’s dictatorship – signed,...

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Saturday 05. January 2013

Iran’s Supreme Investor. To make sanctions bite, the U.S. and its Western allies should target companies controlled by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

By EMANUELE OTTOLENGHI and SAEED GHASSEMINEJAD. Last month, the Obama administration added seven new Iranian companies, because of proliferation concerns, to the ever-growing list of sanctioned Iranian entities. Yet, as important...

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Friday 21. December 2012

Asian buyers to deepen Iranian crude import cuts in 2013

BEIJING/SINGAPORE: Asian buyers of Iranian crude will deepen import cuts in 2013 and struggle to send cash to Tehran to pay for oil as tightening Western sanctions choke the flow of hard currency to Iran’s coffers. Tough...

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Friday 21. December 2012

UN sanctions Iran firms that shipped arms to Syria

US welcomes UNSC move to impose sanctions on Yas Air, SAD Import Export for violating UN arms embargo on Tehran. UNITED NATIONS - A UN Security Council committee on Thursday imposed sanctions on two Iranian firms that violated a...

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Tuesday 18. December 2012

Iran oil revenues halved by sanctions: minister

TEHRAN — Iran is losing half of its oil revenues because of international sanctions imposed over its disputed nuclear programme, Economy Minister Shamseddin Hosseini said in remarks quoted by media on Monday. "Iran is facing a...

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Wednesday 12. December 2012

The Source of Mideast Strife

Iran’s nefarious influence can be seen throughout the Middle East, most recently in Gaza. By MITCHELL A. BELFER. The victims of the latest Israel–Gaza flare-up have been buried, the wounded treated, and the damage totaled up. As...

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Tuesday 11. December 2012

Canada Debate: Conservative Sanctions against Iran are Inadequate

OTTAWA– Liberal Foreign Affairs critic Dominic Leblanc made the following statement today on the Conservative government’s announcement of additional sanctions against the Iranian regime: “Once again, the Conservative...

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Tuesday 11. December 2012

Workers strike in South Fars

Workers strike in South Fars to protest not having been paid for several key stages of the South Pars companies, leading to strikes and worker unrest in the companies. According to reports by the companies (Petro Part, Payandan,...

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Friday 07. December 2012

Worker protests continue

Textile workers protest: Government devoting too much attention to political problems while ignoring economic issues – A group of workers gathered outside the Majlis to protest not receiving salaries for several months and to...

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Monday 03. December 2012

The current situation in Syria

Consequences for the region and the influence of the Iranian regime >>

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