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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


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Wednesday 30. January 2013

Hizballah and the Qods Force in Iran's Shadow War with the West

By MATTHEW LEVITT. In October 2012, an Iranian-American car salesman pleaded guilty to his role in an audacious plot to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States. The plot, to be carried out in a Washington,...

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Wednesday 30. January 2013

German official: Hezbollah must feel the pressure

von BENJAMIN WEINTHAL, Jerusalem Post. Missfelder criticizes EU counter-terrorism official for playing down need to list Hezbollah as terrorist entity. Hezbollah’s Martyrs’ Day in south Beirut Photo: Sharif...

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Tuesday 29. January 2013

Defected translator sheds new light on Iran’s global reach

Tehran challenging US presence in East Africa and bypassing sanctions in the Indian subcontinent, says Ahmad Hashemi. Iran has attempted to increase its military presence in the Horn of Africa and tried to initiate an “Islamic...

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Saturday 26. January 2013

America’s Shifting “Red Lines” on Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions: A Wedge Issue in US–Israeli Relations

By MATTHIAS KÜNTZEL. In December 1998, an Israeli delegation led by then-Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to the Clinton White House and “inquired about the US government’s possible support for an Israeli military...

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Tuesday 22. January 2013

The Daily Star: Bulgaria has evidence linking Hezbollah to Burgas bombing

BEIRUT: Bulgaria has informed European officials of evidence implicating Hezbollah in last year’s attack on an Israeli bus at the Black Sea airport of Burga, Al-Hayat, quoting a source, reported Tuesday.

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Monday 21. January 2013

Hezbollah's time is up

In addition to the European Union proscribing Hezbollah, NATO must also enforce a buffer zone between Lebanon and Israel, writes Wahied Wahdat-Hagh

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Sunday 20. January 2013

US calls on Iran to release American-Iranian pastor

By BENJAMIN WEINTHAL, JERUSALEM POST. Washington urges Tehran to free Abedini from prison; 32-year-old is believed to have been arrested due to Christian beliefs. American-Iranian Pastor Saeed Abedini with...

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Saturday 19. January 2013

How much does Venezuela matter to Hezbollah?

By ANA MARIA LUCA. “Does Hezbollah have operations in Venezuela? Of course! They work in Venezuela and send the money to the Middle East.” This is an extract from an interview with the world’s fifth most-wanted drug kingpin,...

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Wednesday 16. January 2013

Commentary: Germany Helps Companies Evade Iran Sanctions

Michael Spaney from Europe’s “Stop the Bomb” campaign has sent out a press release detailing the latest activity of the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce, which today is hosting a seminar in Hamburg to encourage German firms to...

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Monday 14. January 2013

Austrian Capital filled with Iranian spies

By BENJAMIN WEINTHAL, Jerusalem Post. The Austrian capital is a main European hub for Tehran’s spy network, the US-based Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress concluded in December in a comprehensive report on...

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Friday 11. January 2013

Made in Iran: Islamist anti-Semitism

By WAHIED WAHDAT-HAGH. It has been reported by Farsnews that an anti-Semitic cartoon festival on the Holocaust is being organised in response to Charlie Hebdo's latest move.

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Wednesday 09. January 2013

Teheran votes YES! on Hagel

by SABA FARZAN and SAEED GHASSEMINEJAD. Teheran believes that the US will accept Iran going nuclear and will even lift sanctions. Appointing Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense is an invitation to Iran’s dictatorship – signed,...

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