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Sunday, November 29, 2015


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Monday 12. August 2013

It’s a jungle out there. The kidnapping of two Turkish pilots is raising old fears about airport security.

By HANIN GHADDAR. The kidnapping of two Turkish pilots last week has re-awakened old fears of how unsafe the airport and its surroundings are. Not only is the airport controlled by Hezbollah – this is not news – but the main...

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Monday 12. August 2013

Iran’s New Defense Minister: Behind the 1983 Attack on the U.S. Marine Corps Barracks in Beirut

The newly-elected president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, has appointed Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehghan as the new defense minister in place of Brig. Gen. Ahmad Wahidid. The appointment will take effect as soon as it is approved by the...

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Saturday 03. August 2013

Rally "Against Quds Day in Vienna"

Against anti-Semitism and Islamism! >>

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Friday 02. August 2013

Information stand ahead of "Rally against Quds Day in Vienna"

STOP THE BOMB supports broad coalition >>

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Thursday 01. August 2013

Rally against Islamist “Quds-Day” in Vienna

STOP THE BOMB part of coalition to support protests >>

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Monday 22. July 2013

Only full ban of Hezbollah is effective!

STOP THE BOMB calls partial ban insufficient >>

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Thursday 18. July 2013

Hezbollah on the EU terror list

STOP THE BOMB demands addition of Islamist militia to EU’s terror list >>

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Sunday 04. August 2013

Lectures and rally against Al Quds day in Vienna

*** >>

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Thursday 11. July 2013

Germany Again Seeks to Cheat on Iran Sanctions

By MICHAEL RUBIN (Commentary). Germany has certainly been among Europe’s weakest links when it comes to upholding sanctions against Iran. While the White House continues to grant waivers to Germany, German companies have attended...

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Wednesday 26. June 2013

Iran after the elections

Prospects for the nuclear standoff and the freedom movement >>

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Tuesday 25. June 2013

Canadian FM: Iran has 2-3 months to prove it’s resolving nuclear crisis

By DAVID HOROVITZ. ‘The diplomatic process is nearing its end,’ John Baird declares. ‘These people don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt’. Canada’s foreign minister has warned Iran that it has only two to three months to prove...

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