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Wednesday, May 27, 2015


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Friday 05. April 2013

The Weak Link in the Iran Fight

A scary incident in Austria shows that in the standoff against Iran Europe is not standing up to the mullahs. When Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi visited Vienna in February for a U.N. Alliance of Civilizations...

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Friday 05. April 2013

صحنه سازی جدید آلمان برای ادامۀ همکاری با ملایان

مایکل مبشری اعتراض گروه ائتلافی «بمب را متوقف کنیدStop The Bomb- » به دعوت سفیر جمهوری اسلامی وصحنه سازی جدید آلمان برای ادامۀ همکاری با ملایان

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Thursday 04. April 2013

Germany Again Betrays Iranians’ Human Rights

By MICHAEL RUBIN. It’s hard to believe German politicians truly understand what is at stake in Iran. Back in 2008, a German diplomat in Tehran attended—and so gave diplomatic legitimacy—to one of the Islamic Republic’s “Death to...

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Thursday 21. March 2013

Hezbollah Courier Guilty of Role in Cyprus Terror Plot

In a decision that could have significant repercussions for Hezbollah’s operations in Europe, a court in Cyprus on Thursday found a man guilty of participating in a plot to attack Israeli tourists on vacation in Cyprus, part of a...

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Monday 18. March 2013

تبعیض ایرانیان و مراسم نوروز در آلمان

آلمان: برای مراسم نوروز به ایرانی‌ها ماهی قرمز نمی فروشیم! تبعیض ایرانیان و مراسم نوروز در آلمان MICHAEL MOBASHERI

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Sunday 10. March 2013

Iranian Interior Minister in Vienna, Iranian Foreign Minister Threatens Critics

STOP THE BOMB criticizes silence over visit of Mohammad-Najjar and threats by Salehi >>

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Wednesday 06. March 2013

Iranian foreign minister threatens STOP THE BOMB and Iranian opposition in Vienna

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Friday 01. March 2013

Hezbollah on the EU terror list!

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Thursday 28. February 2013

Video: Iranian Regime runs anti-Aipac crusade

The four day anti-AIPAC conference marks Iranian regime's success in high jacking the peace movement and turn it to a pro-Tehran campaign. "Zand" in charge of lobby training for participants works with Ahmadinejad's office. NIAC...

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Wednesday 27. February 2013

Rally against Iranian foreign minister Salehi in Vienna

No stage for the Iranian regime! >>

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Sunday 24. February 2013

Rally against Iranian Foreign Minister Salehi in Vienna

STOP THE BOMB protests in front of the Hofburg on Wednesday against Salehi >>

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Thursday 21. February 2013

Iran's desperate call for "economic jihad"

by Wahied Wahdat-Hagh. Thanks to sanctions, it has become harder for the Iranian regime to acquire weapons and military technology in the west. But not impossible. As Spiegel Online reported, the German Attorney General has...

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