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Tuesday, March 02, 2021


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Monday 06. June 2016

"No to Anti-Semitism" - STOP THE BOMB supports protests against anti-Semitic "Quds-Day"

21 & 28 June panel discussions & 2 July rally of broad alliance >>

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Monday 30. May 2016

Despite arrest wave and Holocaust denial: "Antifascist" Viennese mayor Michael Häupl visits Iran

Trip comes amid Holocaust denial exhibition, floggings, mass arrests and execution spree >>

Category: Press Releases
Wednesday 18. May 2016

Risky Iran business for OMV: Possible legal and financial consequences

Business deals finance terrorism, the missile program, human rights abuses - OMV violates own code of conduct >>

Category: Press Releases
Friday 13. May 2016

Iran: Rouhani government sponsors Holocaust denial event

STOP THE BOMB calls upon Austrian President Fischer and FM Kurz to issue a clear condemnation - STOP THE BOMB demands the freezing of academic cooperation - No cozying up to Iran's anti-Semitic regime! >>

Category: Press Releases
Wednesday 04. May 2016

OMV bets on business with Iran’s terror mullahs and Holocaust deniers

STOP THE BOMB warns against high risks of terror financing, money laundering and complicity in human rights abuses >>

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Tuesday 29. March 2016

Kurds, Christians, Baha’is are persecuted in Iran - yet Austria’s Fischer to roll out the red carpet for Rouhani #RouhaniNotWelcome

Soaring executions, floggings, amputation punishments, denied access to education and employment >>

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Friday 25. March 2016

Iran’s regime denies the Holocaust - yet Austria’s Fischer to roll out the red carpet for Rouhani

Rouhani called Israel a "festering tumor" - Regime repeated annihilation threats #RouhaniNotWelcome >>

Category: Press Releases
Thursday 24. March 2016

Even children on death row in Iran - but Austrian President Fischer to roll out red carpet for Rouhani

March 30th: Rally against Austria’s courtship of the Iranian regime in Vienna #RouhaniNotWelcome >>

Category: Press Releases
Friday 18. March 2016

Rouhani visit to Austria: President Fischer makes mass executions, holocaust denial, terror sponsoring and homophobia socially acceptable

STOP THE BOMB calls upon civil society to join protests #RouhaniNotWelcome >>

Category: Press Releases