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Friday, November 15, 2019


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Thursday 29. October 2015

"Islamofascism" Revisited

Rule of Cliques, "Islamic Economy" and Anti-Semitism in Iran >>

Category: Events
Wednesday 23. September 2015

The JCPOA with Iran: A Bad Deal

STOP THE BOMB founder Simone Dinah Hartmann in Austria's NU magazine: "The Vienna deal with the Iranian regime does not terminate the nuclear program, but institutionalizes its infrastructure and gives it international...

Category: Aktionen
Monday 07. September 2015

Austrian President Fischer: In the Footsteps of Kurt Waldheim in Iran

Handshake with Holocaust denier - Financing of terror - STOP THE BOMB condemns the business trip of Austrian President, Ministers & companies >>

Category: Press Releases
Monday 31. August 2015

Wednesday, 2 Sept, 10am - Press Conference with EJC Vice President Muzicant & STOP THE BOMB

Antisemitism, Holocaust Denial, Execution Record & Austria's Support for the Iranian Regime >>

Category: Press Releases
Friday 31. July 2015

Austrian Crane Manufacturer Palfinger Eyes Iran’s Execution Market

CEO Ortner sees huge demand for cranes in Iran - Palfinger crane was used for executions in 2011 - STOP THE BOMB condemns Iran business >>

Category: Press Releases
Monday 27. July 2015

The Road to Hell is Sometimes Paved With Good Intentions

Matthias Küntzel on the nuclear agreement with Iran and its consequences (article in German)

Category: Aktionen
Tuesday 21. July 2015

No Business Deals With the Iranian Regime!

Protest against the Iran-EU-Investment-Conference at Austria's Economic Chamber WKO & the visit of Iran's Industry & Trade Minister >>

Category: Aktionen
Wednesday 22. July 2015

July 23: Protest Against Iran Business Conference at Austrian Economic Chamber WKO

STOP THE BOMB demonstrates against Iranian Industry Minister in Vienna >>

Category: Press Releases
Tuesday 14. July 2015

Nuclear Deal: The Path to the Iranian Bomb - STOP THE BOMB criticizes agreement with Tehran

Removal of sanctions channels billions to Islamist terror >>

Category: Press Releases