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Saturday, October 22, 2016


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Tuesday 18. November 2014

A Nuclear Iran Must Be Prevented!

STOP THE BOMB warns against a bad nuclear deal >>

Category: Press Releases
Friday 14. November 2014

Austrian Delegation Visited Sanctioned Sharif University in Tehran

CEO of OeAD and Vice Rector of Leoben University undermine sanctions against Iranian regime >>

Category: Press Releases
Wednesday 05. November 2014

Rouhani's and Khamenei's Iran

Human Rights – Nuclear Program – Regional Influence >>

Category: Events
Monday 03. November 2014

NOV 5th, Vienna: Discussion „Rouhani’s & Khamenei’s Iran“

Farzan, Bahrami and Grigat on human rights, nuclear program and regional expansion >>

Category: Press Releases
Wednesday 22. October 2014

Iran & IS: When Antisemites Fight Against Antisemites

Commentary (in German) by Stephan Grigat: Don't ally with Iran against IS

Wednesday 15. October 2014


How to conceptualize Islamism and the Iranian regime? >>

Category: Events
Wednesday 15. October 2014

Rally "NO Appeasement Towards the Iranian Regime“

STOP THE BOMB warns against rotten deal over Iranian nuclear program >>

Category: Aktionen
Wednesday 08. October 2014

October 8, 2014: Protest against Iran-Conference in London

Category: News
Tuesday 14. October 2014

Negotiating until Iran has the bomb?

STOP THE BOMB warns against a rotten compromise with the Iranian regime and hosts panel discussion >>

Category: Press Releases
Thursday 09. October 2014

Iran Investment Conference in London is Premature and Harms Prospects for Peace

German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce and British Economist Group undermine Western position in the nuclear negotiations with Iran >>

Category: Press Releases
Monday 06. October 2014

Again conference of Holocaust deniers in Tehran

"The antisemitic and anti-Israel mindset of the Iranian regime seems unabated" (Austria Press Agency APA) >>

Category: Press Releases
Monday 22. September 2014

Fischer Curries Favor with Rouhani

STOP THE BOMB criticizes the Austrian president’s meeting with ‘the friendly face of terror’ >>

Category: Press Releases
Tuesday 19. August 2014

Are Germany and Austria undercutting the potency of Iran sanctions?

The Jerusalem Post: Criticism against Austrian President Heinz Fischer and Austrian companies for courting the Iranian regime

Category: Aktionen
Tuesday 19. August 2014

Extension for the Mullahs

Stephan Grigat in the German weekly "Jungle World" on the November deadline for the negotiations with the Iranian regime