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Tuesday, March 02, 2021


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Tuesday 14. April 2015

The Ayatollahs’ Anti-Semitism

Lecture in Vienna on Iranian Holocaust Denial and Hatred Against Israel  >>

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Friday 03. April 2015

Success for Iranian Tactics

STOP THE BOMB Denounces Agreement with Teheran  >>

Category: Press Releases
Thursday 02. April 2015

Has the West finally surrendered to the Ayatollahs?

STOP THE BOMB criticizes the nuclear talks with Iran >>

Category: Press Releases
Wednesday 18. February 2015

For a new European policy towards Iran!

Stephan Grigat in ÖGfE-PolicyBrief (in German, Austrian Society for European Politics)

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Thursday 22. January 2015

Jewish Museum Vienna: Book Presentation Israel & the Iranian Threat (Event held in German)

Stephan Grigat "Die Einsamkeit Israels. Zionismus, die israelische Linke & die iranische Bedrohung“ >>

Category: Events
Wednesday 14. January 2015

With the "Islamic Republic" Against the "Islamic State"?

Vienna Jan 14th & Graz Jan 15th: Tehran’s Role in the New Middle East & Western Iran Policy >>

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Thursday 08. January 2015


Kofi Annan in Tehran - Schvartz - Charlie Hebdo No. 742 - 6 September 2006  >>

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Wednesday 03. December 2014

Protest against Iran business!

STOP THE BOMB info desk on Iranian regime in wake of Iran business seminar >>

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