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Sunday, April 22, 2018


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Wednesday 15. October 2014


How to conceptualize Islamism and the Iranian regime? >>

Category: Events
Wednesday 15. October 2014

Rally "NO Appeasement Towards the Iranian Regime“

STOP THE BOMB warns against rotten deal over Iranian nuclear program >>

Category: Aktionen
Wednesday 08. October 2014

October 8, 2014: Protest against Iran-Conference in London

Category: News
Tuesday 14. October 2014

Negotiating until Iran has the bomb?

STOP THE BOMB warns against a rotten compromise with the Iranian regime and hosts panel discussion >>

Category: Press Releases
Thursday 09. October 2014

Iran Investment Conference in London is Premature and Harms Prospects for Peace

German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce and British Economist Group undermine Western position in the nuclear negotiations with Iran >>

Category: Press Releases
Monday 06. October 2014

Again conference of Holocaust deniers in Tehran

"The antisemitic and anti-Israel mindset of the Iranian regime seems unabated" (Austria Press Agency APA) >>

Category: Press Releases
Monday 22. September 2014

Fischer Curries Favor with Rouhani

STOP THE BOMB criticizes the Austrian president’s meeting with ‘the friendly face of terror’ >>

Category: Press Releases
Tuesday 19. August 2014

Are Germany and Austria undercutting the potency of Iran sanctions?

The Jerusalem Post: Criticism against Austrian President Heinz Fischer and Austrian companies for courting the Iranian regime

Category: Aktionen
Tuesday 19. August 2014

Extension for the Mullahs

Stephan Grigat in the German weekly "Jungle World" on the November deadline for the negotiations with the Iranian regime

Saturday 26. July 2014

Rally against Quds-Day in Vienna

Against Antisemitism & Islamism! >>

Category: Aktionen
Thursday 24. July 2014

Quds-Day: Antisemitic Holiday of the Iranian Regime

Rightists, Leftists & Islamists against Israel >>

Category: Events