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Saturday, May 23, 2015


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Wednesday 09. October 2013

Washington Institute: Rouhani's Negotiating Strategy: Divide and Isolate

By STEVEN DITTO. A new document reiterates Iran's likely approach to negotiations with the West: creating fissures between the United States and Europe in order to break international consensus and coordination on nuclear...

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Monday 30. September 2013

‘Trust, but verify’ in Persian

‘Trust, but verify,” or its Russian equivalent, “doveryai, no proveryai,” was a saying US president Ronald Reagan favored during arms control negotiations with the USSR’s Mikhail Gorbachev. Eventually, negotiations bore fruit and...

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Tuesday 24. September 2013

Criticism against Fischer for meeting Rouhani

STOP THE BOMB refers to Holocaust denial by Iranian regime and takes part in protests in New York >>

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Tuesday 24. September 2013

Six Questions About Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

By IRWIN COTLER. In both his pre-election pronouncements and post-election promises, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has spoken encouragingly of "moderation," "reform" and upholding "the rights of the a free Iran."...

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Monday 23. September 2013

Iran's Charm Offensive - And Why We Should Be Skeptical

by ILAN BERMAN. Are the U.S. and Iran on the brink of détente? Quite suddenly, ahead of the annual gathering of the UN General Assembly later this week, hopes are again running high for some sort of diplomatic breakthrough with...

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Friday 20. September 2013

"Moderate" Holocaust Denial in Iran?

by MATTHIAS KÜNTZEL. Two weeks ago, according to the New York Times, the new foreign minister of Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif wished a ,Happy Rosh Hashana’ on his English-language Twitter account to Christine Pelosi, the daughter...

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Monday 16. September 2013

Stop Salehi!

Down with the Iranian regime! >>

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Friday 13. September 2013

Germany Shows EU Lack of Iran Resolve

by MICHAEL RUBIN / Commentary. Turkey may be the West’s biggest leak on Iran sanctions, but as has unfortunately been a frequent theme of mine here at COMMENTARY, Germany is the greatest example of Europe’s cravenness and lack...

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Thursday 12. September 2013

Rally against the Iranian nuclear chief / Criticism against Fischer for meeting Rouhani

STOP THE BOMB to protest against Salehi, criticizes meeting Fischer-Rouhani >>

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Wednesday 04. September 2013

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Monday 02. September 2013

US says Iran unable to access oil money

By MARJORIE OLSTER / Times of Israel. The US government has concluded that nearly half of Iran’s monthly earnings from crude oil exports are accumulating in accounts outside the country because of sanctions that restrict...

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Saturday 31. August 2013

“Rouhani is the Friendly Face of Terror”

A conversation between Stephan Grigat (University of Vienna) and Mojtaba Shamsrizi (The World Security Network Foundation’s expert on Iran) on Iran’s new president Hassan Rouhani. Moderated by Manouchehr Shamsrizi for PDU

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Monday 12. August 2013

It’s a jungle out there. The kidnapping of two Turkish pilots is raising old fears about airport security.

By HANIN GHADDAR. The kidnapping of two Turkish pilots last week has re-awakened old fears of how unsafe the airport and its surroundings are. Not only is the airport controlled by Hezbollah – this is not news – but the main...

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