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Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Speech Dr. Kazem Moussavi

Please find the leaflet that was distributed at the demonstration here.

Speech by Dr. Kazem Moussavi at the demonstration “Solidarity with Israel! Stop Hamas Terror!” held in Berlin on January 11, 2009


Dear Friends,

I am speaking here today as a representative of the Green Party of Iran and the STOP THE BOMB Coalition, but also as one of the voices of millions of Iranians who have been impacted directly by the expansionism and interconnected anti-Semitism and terrorism of the Islamic regime.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our demonstration shows solidarity with Israel, which is being threatened by terrorist suicide attacks and rocket bombardment by Hamas and Jihad-e-Islami. As we already know, Hamas is being trained, equipped, and financed by the Revolutionary Guard of the Islamic regime in Iran. Based on accounts by those affected and by eyewitnesses, the Iranian regime is also making heavy use of Hamas in the Islamic regime’s policy of oppression. To avoid recognition, however, Hamas members in Iran cover their faces with black ski masks that have only two holes to see out of.

This is why I also feel obligated today to say something about the dramatic human rights situation in Iran.

Since 1979, more than 100,000 political executions have been held in the Islamic Republic, and the victims also include gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transsexual people. We know from accounts by former inmates at Teheran’s Evin Prison, that the corpses of the members of the opposition who were executed were wrapped and buried in Israeli flags.

Since Ahmadinejad came to power, the number of executions of opponents of the system, women, as well as people younger than age 18, has increased considerably. In mullah prisons there are 174 types of torture, including flogging, stoning, and limb amputation. To date more than seven million people have been imprisoned, including women who have not accepted the compulsory wearing of veils. The oppression and sexist discrimination of women are ‘business as usual’. Religious minorities such as Christians, Bahá’i, and Jews, as well as ethnic minorities such as Kurds, are being persecuted and murdered. The regime has previously carried out some 450 terrorist operations abroad. In doing so, Hezbollah members have been used by the regime to murder members of the opposition abroad – even here in Germany at Berlin’s Mykonos restaurant, in Paris, Rome, etc.

This is why we are demanding that activities by the terrorist organizations of Hamas and Hezbollah, which are supported by Iran, be banned in Germany and in Europe, in the interests of the security of Germany and Israel as well as of the Iranian opposition in exile.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

German and European appeasement is providing the Iranian regime with the opportunity to make its antisemitic policy socially accepted and to make headway with its secret nuclear plans.

However, the people responsible for Germany’s Iran policy must realize one thing: The devastation by the regime will not be limited only to within the national borders of Iran.

The insistence by the mullahs on exporting fundamentalism to Islamic countries as well as to Europe and Germany,

the interference by the regime in the affairs of its neighbor Iraq,

the efforts by the mullahs toward nuclear armament, and

the violation of international obligations and current UN Security Council resolutions,

as well as the recent offer of a reward for the murder of the president of Egypt,

have transformed the dangers arising from this regime into a global threat.

At the same time, the Islamic regime has de facto declared war against the international community, a war in which it is calling for the annihilation of Israel.

Two weeks ago, the spiritual leader of the regime, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, described Israel in a fatwa as kafare harbi. Kafare harbi basically means “war-mongering infidels.”

By labeling Israel kafare harbi, Khamenei has called all Muslims to fight a holy war against Israel. For these reasons I am asking you, on behalf of the STOP THE BOMB coalition, to unconditionally support and sign the petition for sanctions against the Iranian regime.

Dear Friends,

The denial of the Holocaust by the Islamic regime is also a violation of human rights. The antisemitic conduct of the Iranian regime is a call to genocide. This can no longer be tacitly accepted, particularly in Germany.

Please let me briefly explain some of the background to the Gaza conflict and to our solidarity with Israel.

The truth is that in recent months the mullahs and their nuclear bomb project have faced massive outcry from the Islamic countries of the Near East. But the nuclear bomb is existential for the continued existence of the Islamic regime. Hamas is a tool of the mullahs in the fight against Israel. By waging war against Israel, Hamas is supposed to be proving the Islamic regime’s leading role among Islamic nations and gaining time for Iran to build the nuclear bomb. Last year, Hamas repeatedly broke the “truce” with attacks, and it unilaterally terminated it in December 2008.

Dear Friends,

The political cooperation and economic relationships of Europe and Germany have become important sources of support for the Iranian regime and thus also contribute to supporting Hamas.

In recent years, the mullahs have brought in 70 to 80 billion U.S. dollars in profits per year solely from trade in oil and natural gas. Large portions of these monies were invested in their nuclear policy, in equipping their military, and in supporting terrorist structures and groups in the Near East. At the same time based on official information, more than 80 percent of Iranians are currently living at or below the poverty level.

This is why we are giving the following warning:

Anyone who does business with the mullahs in Teheran and negotiates with them is rendering himself or herself directly complicit in the terror of the Iranian regime inside and outside that country.

People in Iran understand this very well. And they also know that the fate of Israel is tied today to their own fate. Every day the Farsi-language programming on Radio Israel reports on calls coming out of Iran where people are congratulating Israel on its successes against Hamas. Because it is clear Hamas is the right hand of the Iranian regime in the Near East. Every defeat of Hamas is a defeat of the Iranian mullahs – and vice versa.

By contrast, Europe’s and Germany’s appeasement policy gives the mullahs the opportunity to place Iraq under their control. This policy is providing the mullahs with nuclear weapons. It is leading to Iran’s nuclear holy war against Israel. It is leading to a crime on the scale of the Holocaust. It is leading to the expansion of fundamentalist terrorist networks. It is leading to instability in the region. It is leading to a blockade of the peace policy in the Near East. It is leading to a nuclear arms race and nuclear armament in the region and worldwide.

In closing, then, I say this:

We are demanding the isolation of Hamas as well as the banning of Hezbollah and similar organizations in Germany. We are declaring our solidarity with the people in Israel threatened by Islamist terror – as well as in Gaza, Lebanon, or in Iran.

The Federal Republic of Germany is the most important Western trading partner of the totalitarian regime in Iran, which is equipping and financing Hamas.

This is whyGermany must be the first in Europe to take a step and immediately end its appeasement policy with the mullahs. Stop the Appeasement.

We are also demanding sharper and more comprehensive sanctions by the UN Security Council on trade in oil and natural gas in order to be able to stop the primary source of financing for the regime’s nuclear bomb.

We are demanding that pressure be lifted on members of the Iranian opposition. Dialogue must be conducted not with the mullahs but with the opposition, who are committed to a democratic, secular Iran. This message would encourage people in Iran to protest the regime and to rid the world once and for all of the danger that this regime poses.

Thank you very much for your attention!

Dr. Kazem Moussavi, STOP THE BOMB Coalition in GermanyGreen Party of Iran